Fear. I feel a threat. So locking my doors, I hide away from whatever could hurt me. However, though I feel alone…I’m not alone in my interior house. My roommate’s name is Anxiety, and he encourages me to trust no one, not even the one who knows me better than I know myself. He constantly harasses me, telling me the outside world is a dangerous place. “What if this happens?! What if that happens?!” He tells me all these “what ifs” in which they become my code of conduct, my rule book.

However, I became exhausted of Anxiety’s crap…

He made me feel so helpless, isolated, and alone. His company was worse than no company. I also realized his “rule book” didn’t feel like very good rules. Good rules don’t place burdens on people. They don’t break down! They build up! His rule book was a burden designed to destroy me. Anxiety was the problem and he needed to leave! He’s was no longer welcome in my house! So after realizing this, I had to confront him.

I knew I wasn’t strong enough to confront him so I remembered a good friend who I ditched after meeting Anxiety. Anxiety convinced me that my friend wasn’t a good influence. This friend was my previous roommate, and He wasn’t far away either. He slept outside, waiting on the other side for the door open again. So while Anxiety wasn’t looking I opened the door.

Smiling, He walked in. Anxiety looked into His flaring eyes. Throwing Anxiety outside he yelled, “You liar! You lie to all of them! You were a murderer from beginning!”

He then hugged my my neck and said, “You are mine.”

Through understanding the story in it’s context you’ll understand why my motto is NON METUS which means NO FEAR. We aren’t designed to dwell in fear, more importantly we were designed to dwell in PEACE.